1924 Pierce Street

Sioux City, IA 51104


Mon - Fri: 7 am - 6 pm

Sat: 8 am - 12pm





  Davenport Cleaners was established in 1909 by W. C. Davenport. Originally located at 618 Pierce St., when Davenport’s served all of Siouxland with a fleet of delivery trucks.                                                  We have remained under family ownership for 97 years. The current owners Sue and Mark (4th generation) both started working in the plant over 30 years ago for their father, Robert Davenport.             We are Certified Master Drycleaners as a Sanitone licensee of over 50 years. Davenport Cleaners adheres to ridgid requirements that your garments are cleaned using the safest methods and pure solvent with the best detergents and sizings available today. Sanitone is tough on dirt, but gentle on fabrics. Through 97 years of cleaning services, we have progressed consistently with the times and kept up with modern procedures to adapt to changing fashions. Back in 1909 we were using a method called “French Drycleaning” that used a solvent similar to gasoline. In the 1920’s we switched to “Stoddard” a petroleum based solvent. Perc has been our solvent of choice since 1960. Alternative solvents have a role in the industry, and are being used for certain cleaning applications. However, there is not enough experience to demonstrate that these solvents clean or perform as well as perc. We utilize modern technology throughout our cleaning plant. State-of-the-art drycleaning and wet cleaning systems are computer controlled as is much of our pressing equipment. Computers also keep track of all the garments processed and all of your billing and account activity. This allows us time to concentrate on the real job of attention to your cleaning and pressing needs. Most important to the quality we provide is the hard working people we employ to serve you. Our full time employees average over 15 years experience. We keep our great employees around by offering great benefits such as health insurance and providing a fully air conditioned plant year round. This creates a great working environment with reliable employees to produce the highest level of quality service.