Each garment is individually tagged for identification prior to cleaning.










These 2 state-of-the-art drycleaning machines allow us to use one strictly for light colored garments and one for darks only.










Not all spots are removed in the drycleaning machine. Many require the experience and expertise of John spotting by hand.











Most garments are steam conditioned prior to finishing. Melinda operates the computerized Veit Multiform.










Detailed hand finishing is a required touch. Janell irons a lapel.











Slacks being steamed out on a computerized Veit Tensioner.











Finishing touches on the pant legs. Tammy irons a leg seam.









Our Perfect Pleat drapery press in action. This press puts perfect "soft"  pleats in all drapes.










Our large washers are great for comforters and shirts also.










A freshly pressed shirt.









Virginia sorting laundry shirts









Sue assembles all drycleaned orders.








Dorothy is bagging orders.









Eva is using our barcoded invoices and computer to rack orders.










Lisa and Eva waiting for you.