At Davenport Cleaners we are a full-service cleaners. If it can be cleaned – then we have the expertise to do the job.

SAME DAY SERVICE: Davenport Cleaners, upon customer request, will have clothes that are dropped off by 9:00am completed and ready for pickup by 3:00pm that same day. This service is available Monday thru Friday.

FREE PICKUP and DELIVERY: There are no extra charges to have your clothes picked up and delivered. See Pickup and Delivery.

DRYCLEANING: Drycleaning is a cleaning process that uses a solvent instead of water. Our state of the art equipment is front loading (similar to your home washer) but since it uses a solvent instead of water it is called dry. Drycleaning solvents remove soil and stains from fabrics without penetrating the fibers as water does. Solvents are not harmful to most fabrics and compared to water, cause less shrinkage, color fading and other problems that can occur during the cleaning process. And, overall, solvents provide better cleaning potential than water. Detergents are utilized in drycleaning solvents for enhanced cleaning capability. Sizing is also added to restore garment shape, body and texture. Davenport Cleaners is proud to be the exclusive Certified Sanitone Master Drycleaner in the Siouxland area. As a Certified Sanitone Master Drycleaner we use only the highest quality sizings and detergents.

WET CLEANING: Wet cleaning is the process of utilizing water instead of solvent. Many of today’s delicate fabrics are decorated or dyed requiring special cleaning care. Sequins, beadwork and surface printing are some examples of garments that cannot be drycleaned safely. Davenport Cleaners can handle these special garments with our expert spotting and skilled pressing. Formals, beaded sweaters, and decorated blouses will regain that new again feel. Davenport Cleaners utilizes Sanitone Professional wet cleaning chemicals in order to provide your garment with the safest cleaning available today.

SHIRT LAUNDRY: In order to save you time(or sweating over an iron) we can professionally launder and press those dress shirts. Starch is always available upon request. Our goal is to provide YOU, our customer, with the best looking shirt in town!

REPAIRS and ALTERATIONS: From hems and zippers to seam repairs, we offer every type of tailoring and alteration service available at affordable rates. Call or stop in and see Darlene. She can handle all your alteration needs.

DRAPERY CLEANING and REPAIRS: Frequent cleaning of draperies can be a vital means of extending the life of any window treatment. At Davenport Cleaners we offer a complete drapery service that includes: hem, pleat and seam repair along with decorative pleating. For your convenience, we also offer our Takedown and Rehanging Service.

WEDDING GOWNS: We professionally clean all types of wedding gowns. Customers are encouraged to have gowns cleaned very soon following the wedding. Since most gowns are not alike, our vast experience and knowledge ensure that your gown will be cleaned and handled with the utmost care. We have restored many antique wedding gowns to like new condition. See Bridal Gowns.

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Bedspreads, comforters, small rugs, dust ruffles, draperies, sleeping bags, feather beds, shower curtains, curtains, table cloths, napkins and placemats are just examples of household items we are able to clean. Davenport Cleaners uses commercial size washers and dryers to provide a more thorough cleaning and even drying of these items.

FEATHER PILLOW CLEANING: We can renew that old tired feather pillow! The feathers are cleaned and the cover is replaced with a brand new ticking (cover). It will look like new!

LEATHER & SUEDE CLEANING: Our leather and suede cleaners are experts. Don’s Leather Cleaning in Minneapolis provides us with top-notch quality cleaning and finishing.

LAW ENFORCEMENT and MILITARY: We are proud to offer our local law enforcement and military personnel special and discounted prices on their uniforms.

WE ACCEPT MOST CREDIT CARDS: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are all gladly excepted.

CHARGE ACCOUNTS ARE WELCOME: Monthly billing is available upon request.

TOTALLY COMPUTERIZED FOR ACCURATE TRACKING: For over 15 years, Davenport Cleaners has been the only computerized cleaner in Siouxland. We use computers to accurately track all garments in production and to keep total control and accuracy for billing accounts. Computers are a great way to keep track of all of your special requests and needs.